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Our Solutions

Let customers see your products in AR, directly from your website. No app downloads; it’s all in the browser.

3D product configurator

Interactive product solution to increase engagement

Our 3D configurator provides highly engaging and customizable product experiences.


White label solutions
Model optimization
Model creation


An immersive, experiential product solution

With WebAR, you can easily bridge the gap between in-person experiences and online shopping.


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View in AR
Augmented Reality
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Why Vectary and 3D means great business

Accessible and

Log on from anywhere with our browser-based platform. Our simple UI and one-click embed functionality makes it easy to create and share.

Effortless integration

Our plugins, supported platforms, and CMSes, make it easy to integrate 3D into your team workflow and website. Displaying 3D and AR is made even easier with WebAR.


Offer an immersive product view that your customers can experience from the comfort of their home.

Increase product engagement and brand equity using 3D and AR.
Ask Us How
Ask us how

to start?

Whether it's a self-service solution, or you’d like us to assist, we're here to help.

I need a 3D model

Do you have high-resolution photography for your product/s? Or a 3D model in the relevant file format (e.g. .FBX or .OBJ) for us to evaluate?

If so, our 3D design experts can create your 3D model.


I need a 3D product configurator

We can create a 3D configurator and AR experience using our API.


I want a self-service 3D and AR solution

You know what to do when it comes to 3D, or you have a 3D-capable team, and just need a Business account?

Case Studies

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Did we mention that we’re compatible with most major platforms?

Not only do we make it possible to create 3D content directly from your browser, but we also make it even easier to share your 3D content with popular content management systems and eCommerce platforms.

Here are a few notable mentions:
Shopify, WIX, Wordpress, SquareSpace, Webflow, Weebly, and more.

What our
customers say

“Vectary helped us add a new dimension to one of our product ranges. They are a great team to work with and always willing to help.”

David Hawkins - Digital Marketing

Vectary’s tools enable our customers to easily preview and visualize our products in their own environment, helping to build confidence in their product purchasing decisions.

Ryan Shaltry | Director of Technology

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